4 Pawz Dog Training Academy - Jana L Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA
   4 Pawz Dog Training Academy Owner/Trainer Jana L.Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behavior Consultant graduating from Animal Behavior College and Certified thru the Certification Counsel for Professional Dog Trainers,  also a AKC CGC Evaluator.   Jana is a Professional Member Of APDT.  4 Pawz Dog Training Academy strives to keep abreast with the latest in behavior learning and behavioral sciences using positive reinforcement training techniques to improve the relationship between dogs and their owners.  Whether it be retraining a behavioral problem, teaching your new puppy manners or a basic obedience skills.  Also in home puppy introduction session for those that want to get started early.   Serving You in the following areas Reno,Sparks,Carson City.
Is a Class Training Session not for you? We have in home training. Working in your home environment working one on one with you and your dog.  Working only with the difficulties you are having with your dog/puppy.  We also offer to you to have a trainer come and work your puppy/dog while you are away...... That way training can continue with your busy schedule still intack.  We will than have a session to transfer the training skills I have taught your puppy/dog to you so you can continue to train your puppy/dog........775 338-1309
NEW PUPPY OR DOG NEW TO YOU,  Always remember if "you have not taught the DOG they do not know what you want". So lets teach our new puppy all the basic skills, to have manners inside the house and outside of the house. Go potty outside, walk nicely on a leash, socialization with other puppy's and people, handling exercises, sit, down, wait, stay, all in a calm environment that is clean and climate controlled, Your home.  You will be confident that your puppy will not be exposed to disease, and that you will be able to start your new puppy right away when learning is so very critical.  They are sponges at this stage of development.  Take advantage of this!  My goal is always to teach you how to successfully train your new puppy and to create a lasting bond.  
"ARF"DOG CLASS:  (Aggressive, Reactive, Fearful) This is a class or Private Session 
for Owners that have a Fearful, Reactive, Aggressive, or Shy dog, It can be very frustrating for the owner of these dogs to take them out for walks because they are fearful or reactive to other dogs. To just enjoy the dog human bond. In this class or Private Sessions you will learn behavior, learn about what triggers the behavior in your Dog, And how to help the dog choose a Behavior that is a better choice, so that what is fearful becomes  less intense.........Remember in working with a fearful dog there are NO quick fixes.  these behaviors take time and a commitment on the owners part to train, teach, exercise, reward, for the life of the dog.  If you feel this class or Private Session is for you and your dog, Please call and we will discuss what is going on with your DOG first.  You may need a private consultation first before attending Class.  Some behavior issues need to be addressed in a private session or sessions to better suite your dog's needs.  In some cases the dog is not ready to be a class with other dogs right away.  We always want Special care for these dogs as to not reinforce the Aggressive,Reactive,Fearful/ behavior. "ARF" Dogs
Ph 338-1309  Private Sessions are held in the Reno, Sparks Carson City, NV
 4 Pawz Dog Training Academy Owner/Trainer Jana L. Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA is available for training advice every Tues from 11-1:00pm At Scraps Dog Bakery At the Raley's shopping Center On McCarren Blvd and Pyramid- Ph.  775-355-6884 for Information.......