4 Pawz Dog Training Academy - Jana L Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA
A Special thank-you to all those who have supported 4 Pawz Dog Training Academy,  I am so excited for the future to be helping you train your dog.
Your level of caring and knowledge at 4 Pawz Dog Training Academy is fantastic.  I am consistently impressed by the professionalism. Thank you!”
Shawn Graves- Reno, NV
4 Pawz Dog Training Academy was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of  training and real caring for me and my dog  was outstanding. Keep up the good work Jana  you are truly special.!”
Tiffany Blake- Reno, NV
To those who need a patient and extremely knowledgeable dog  trainer who uses positive reinforcement training methods  Jana is the trainer for you, She is caring,calm, and just has natural ability to handle your dog problems..I have know Jana for sometime and she has helped me with several behavioral problems with my dogs.................Their is no one I trust more
.Sandy Monroe, Sparks,NV  March 15, 2010
Jana your the best!,  Max is now doing what he is suppose to be doing,  sitting quietly eating the goodies in his Kong, instead of chewing up my house!!! You teaching me to train Max is the best thing that ever happened to our household,  simple solutions to behavior problems.
All our Best
The Mcintosh family Reno,NV March 23,2010
I want to tell you that every penny I spent on Asia going to your dog school was “MONEY WELL SPENT”. She had her first “BIG” veterinary visit this last week end. Remember her first day at dog school? She was so scared she peed on the floor and hid under the chair for the whole hour?
I must admit I was really nervous about her vet visit  because she needed some shots and  I was worried about how she would do as she is a timid little girl. I did take Ace “Mr. Social Butterfly” which helped keep her fairly calm in the waiting room. She sat nicely and  didn’t  growl at anyone or cower away from the other customers.
When it was our turn to go into the examining room, we went in and sat down and I talked to her until the vet came it with his assistant. OK here we are in a very small room, they have closed both doors, she is in  with two strangers with no way out. The vet wants to put here up on the examining table(scary) and asks if he should out a muzzle on her as I had told him she is fearful.
Since she was still pretty calm I told him no,  I would hold her head and we could try a couple of things and see how she reacted to them first.
She had a rabies shot, a distemper shot, a blood test for heartworm, her eyes, ears and teeth checked, she was weighed and had all her nails clipped. Did not growl , did not cower, acted like a perfect little lady. Honestly, I thought I would cry is was so proud of her.
None of this would have been possible a year ago without dog school. She has come such a long long way and I owe it all to you and her classes and the training we both got. I am now able to help her though scary situations and she is getting so much better at handling the things that make her afraid and defensive.
What a difference her classes have made for her quality of life. She is amazing and I am so so proud of her. Thank you for all you did for my little scairdy  cat. You wouldn’t know she was the same dog.  She was GREAT. Thank you so much Jana.
Sincerely, Jackie Penley
Jana,  it was nice to meet you at your Open House over the weekend,  I am looking forward to bringing my new puppy to your upcoming puppy class.  Your calm and caring way of interacting with the dogs and us owners was so refreshing,.  I was looking for a ceritfied trainer when I was refered to you by My friend Mary.   The training center is clean and inviting.........Can't wait for class to begin......... 
Sincerely Sue Beltz  Reno,NV  March 28,21
Dear Jana,  Puppy class was so much fun,  I can't tell you how much we learned.  The patients you have is amazing to us, wish we could take you home.    We love that the classes are not to big, we have been to another class that was so full we could not learn, instead it felt like a circus.    Can't wait for the next class to begin Roxy is ready and she misses her teacher. (WE DO TOO)
Sincerely Portia and David
Reno, NV
Dear Jana,  thank-you for all your wonderful teaching and caring during our puppy class, you are truly AMAZING!!! Can't wait for out next class.
Sincerely Tom and Sofia Patton
July 6, 2010

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