4 Pawz Dog Training Academy - Jana L Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA
Training that just makes Sense:
Is a Class Training Session not for you? We have in home training. Working in your home environment working one on one with you and your dog/puppy.  Working only with the difficulties you are having with your dog/puppy. 775 338-1309
 4 WEEK Private in home MINI SESSIONS-These sessions are designed for your special needs of the dog or puppy.   Mini 4 week sessions........Cost 250.00. This mini session will not include any behavior modification for fear or aggressive behaviors,  This Private one on one session is wonderful for a new puppy that is not fully vaccinated so you can take full benefit of the critical socialization period of the puppy,  remember they are sponges at this point starting them as early as 8-10 weeks makes all the difference in behavior.................I will set in place a specific training program for you and your dog/puppy.............You will love the success you will see with less stress and stimulus to the dog/puppy...........
4 Pawz dog and puppy training sessions help you train your dog using a CLICKER (or a voice marker, like "Yes") to teach the dog exactly what you want.  During training, the dog or puppy associates the clicker with a reward, like food.  Clicker training even works for deaf dogs, by using a visual signal instead of the clicker.
Working With BAT for Behavior Modification:
What is BAT?  "Behavior Adjustment Training"
 PRIVATE IN HOME TRAINING SESSION- If you would like to have a trainer come to you in your home than a private lesson is for you, We also use a private lesson for behavior Modification, if you are having behavioral issues with your dog than a private consultation is very much recommended.  COST for a private Session in home is 100.00  for up to a 90 minute session....... 
Private consultation for Aggressive, Reactive, "ARF" Dogs, Fearful,  behaviors are very in depth and will require a 90 minute session....... COST-150.00 per session. You may also book a block of Sessions, 5 sessions  550.00 payable in advance.
Leash Manners 101- Does your dog pull you down the street? Do you dread walking your dog? We can help.  This class is designed to help you manage your dog on the walk.  You will learn the tools you need to be confident while "OUT and ABOUT"
Requirements for sessions are as follows:  You will need to bring with you proof of vaccines a copy to be attached to your History Sheet, (You may down load your history form below),  All dogs must be on a flat collar,  No choke changes, pinch collars, E-collars.  And a 4-6 foot lead unless otherwise stated by me (Jana L Williamson ABCDT,CPDT-KA) Treats you will need are  to be soft, example-cheese, chicken, hot dogs, (High Value), a mat to settle on if needed.  (Potty Bags) Requirements for sessions will change depending on the your specialty session in which you attend.  And a new toy for play time..........When  the weather is warm you will also be responsible for your own water,  We don't want cross contamination,  Thank you..............
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