4 Pawz Dog Training Academy - Jana L Williamson ABCDT, CPDT-KA
"Successful" Training Methods.
What 4 Pawz Dog Training Academy is all about is follow the Hippocratic oath, "First do no harm." Training should be clearly understood,enjoyable,humane and effective for everyone involved. We call this Family Friendly Dog Training.  In the sessions that are offered I embrace each and everyones needs according to the profiles that are filled out by owner/handlers before each  session begins. 
DOG KNOWS BEST.  One of the keys to using positive reinforcement training correctly is to remember that it is the dog who defines what is reinforcing, NOT YOU.  Treats that you have purchased may say yes all dogs love this, but your dog did not receive that memo, or the pat on the head, you may think your dog loves this,  but the opposite is usually true,  he is not at all enamored with that type of petting.   The good news is you can count on your dog to tell you what he/she loves.  And you will learn just that,  How does he respond to certain things that you do? We will teach behaviors with luring and marking than reinforcing them with praise,treats,toys,belly rubs, etc.......  your dog will define what this is to you. 
One of The Greatest Myths in Dog ownership is that once a puppy is house trained and has graduated from a puppy training class, an owners work is done.  In fact , that is just the beginning.  In the words of Dr. Nicholas Dodman, forty-two percent of dog owners in this country report problems managing their dogs behavior.  It does not have to be that way.  Almost every dog problem can be either treated or, better yet, prevented.  Every dog has the potiental to be happy and well adjusted.
Questions we as trainers hear are
  • How much exercise does my dog really need?                                                                                          
  • How can diet effect the behavior of the dog?
  • My dog won't house train!
  • How do I crate train?
  • Is my dog Sick, could this cause behavior problems
  • How to prevent and deal with fearful conditions
  • How do I communicate with my dog and understand body language
  • How long will it take to train my dog?,
  • Is my dog to old to train?,
  • My dog is fearful, how can I help him/her?
  • Can a dog learn to walk nicely on leash?
A big question is when can I start to train my new puppy?
A criticle time in development of a puppy is 4 weeks to 14 weeks,  When your puppy is not exposed to at this time can result in a fearful response later in the dogs adult life.  A Fearful puppy often times turns out to be a fearful adult dogs. This may result in barking excessively,whining, teeth clacking,growling, air snapping,  even biting, anxiety.......Dogs with lack of socialization die early( Biting) Study s show that the risk is much higher than dying of a potentially contagious disease.
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About Us  
At 4 Pawz Dog Training Academy I offer to you, One on one training sessions to customize your training experience for both you and your new puppy or adult dog.....Obedience training for Puppy and dogs of all ages.  Also a special series of sessions for those dogs that are Fearful,  Reactive, Agressive to people and other dogs.  This we call the "ARF" dog.  Lets not leave out those precious small dogsthey need manners too.  Spring is coming and what could be more fun than an Outdoor session with your special companion.  This is where continuing training/education comes into play.  We all need to know how to keep our dogs attention when we are out and about for that wonderful walk with friends and other dogs,  We call this " Focus".
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